Friday, September 5, 2014

High Rise and Low Rise Apartments: A Clear Comparison

If you used the services of a Houston apartment locator then you might be in possession of a long list of apartments. There are thousands of apartments in the city, due to its large population. If you're thinking of moving downtown or switching apartments, you might be scratching your head and trying to make a choice between high rise and low rise apartments. Let's compare the qualities of both in order to help you out:

High rise apartments

  • These kinds of apartments are usually 10 stories or more – some are even skyscrapers. Your Houston apartment locator might have put a number of them on the list he dished out. Anyway, what are some qualities that you need to know about living in this kind of apartment?
  • These kinds of apartments are usually found in the heart of the city. This means that you'll have access to everything within the downtown's vicinity, and your proximity to your office could only be just a few blocks away. 
  • High rise apartments have a lot units, which means that you'll have a wide variety of leasing options. You could go rent a studio apartment, or one that is large enough to make whole family live in it. 
  • These apartments usually have a number of amenities – some can even be considered luxurious. For example, they have swimming pools (within the building), own convenience stores and laundromats.
  • However, living in these apartments could mean more sleepless nights. Noise coming from other tenants will be bothersome, especially since most high rise apartment tenants belong to the younger age bracket. 
  • You'll have no outdoor space, except for your balcony. Plus, you need to take long elevator trips just to go outside. 
  • They are expensive. Since most high-rise apartments are located within the city itself, the demand is large, which means it will be hard to negotiate for a lower price. 

Low rise apartments

If your Houston apartment locator did his homework, he might have given you a list of dozens of low rise apartments in the city. Contrary to their high rise counterparts, these apartments are only a few stories high. Aside from which, what are some facts you need to learn about them?
  • They don't offer the luxurious amenities of high-rise apartments, but they are generally cheaper to rent. They also tend to be quite quite far from the downtown area, so they won't be in demand and you can always negotiate a lower price. 
  • Most low-rise apartment tenants are on the wrong side of 50, which means you'll be able to enjoy a cleaner environment and less noise at that. If you're a student, this is a good thing since you'll be able to study quietly. 
  • Low rise apartments are closer to the ground, which means you don't need to take long elevator trips just to get outside. 
  • Since it does not have the same kind of amenities a high rise would have, you need to spend for your own. You could be required to install your own Internet and TV connection. 


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