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Monday, December 8, 2014

Dealing With Bad Neighbors

Have you ever experienced dealing with bad neighbors near your lot? If not, then let me describe you the scenario. The first scene will be - you lived happily and peacefully into your home and things are almost  perfect when somebody moved next to your house and everything suddenly becomes a nightmare! It's like the scenes in the movie entitled "BAD NEIGHBORS" which I hope you've watched because some of us could really relate to the present situation that we have right now. 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Basic Selling Property Ideas

Dealing with Realtor or real estate agents is not the only requirement when selling a property. Realtor are just a part of the process, though they could be considered as an important factor to get the property sell right away. When we talk about selling properties, it includes the first factor which I mentioned; the Realtor, the prospective buyer and the marketing strategies that you are going to use to attract potential buyers. 

image source: apartment therapy
In the marketing strategies, the way you present your property is all that matters. It can make a huge difference between success and failure. In order to gain the buyer's trust and confidence, you must create an appealing dream home atmosphere that can speed up the selling process. How would you do that?

Monday, November 24, 2014

How To Sell Your Property?

Selling a property is not as simple as putting a “For Sale” sign. It's not an ordinary business where people will come and buy. Selling a property involves the following steps to ensure success in business.

First step is to consider the market. Know your target and what is best for your situation. Decide whether selling that property is really a good investment. If you've already decided to move and sell your home, the second step will be to hire an agent. Some people prefer self-management in terms of selling their properties. However, hiring an agent is an edge among others. Why? Agents are trained to be professionally effective in advertising any properties in the area. They have connections and are knowledgeable enough to complete all the legal requirements needed to sell your home.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Landlords and Tenants Rights in Houston

Your journey does not end in renting an apartment and signing the lease contract. In Houston, it is important for renters to know their rights as a tenant. Learning your rights will help you prevent problems that will arise in the future. 

Like other states in the US, Houston has also its own laws in terms of tenants and landlords relationships. The has tight policies from the lease agreements to fees, safety and maintenance to evictions. In terms of lease of aggreements, Houston has a month-to-month lease agreement that lasts for a specific period of time. The lease should contain the amount of rent, required deposits and the policies of the landlords. It should also have the maintenance responsibility of the landlord on the property.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

First-Time Home Buyer Tips

Now, you've decide to buy a house and live independently from your parents and relatives. Buying a house is not that simple especially to first-timers like you. It can be a thrilling and nerve-wracking because you actually do not know what to expect.

To make the process easy, here are the following advice for new home-buyers. 

First time home buyer
[Photo Credit: bankinnovation (dot) com ]

First, check your credit score. It may not sound important to you but the credit score may be the most important factor when it comes to qualifying for a loan these days. Always get a credit report just in case the lender needs it. 

Know your budget. By  knowing your budget, you will have an idea on how much money should you spend in buying a house. It's easy to fall in love with the house and all its appearance. But always think if you can afford it. 

Get pre-approved for a mortgage. Most problems that buyers faces when buying a house is that they can’t find a bank to give them a mortgage. Getting pre-approved will help you avoid this problem by speaking to lenders. 

Find a good home inspector. Okay. So, you've already decided to buy the house and everything were set on the move. The next thing for you to do is to inspect it. We cannot just assume the quality and the condition of the house by just looking at it.  A knowledgeable home inspector is just as important as a great real estate agent and getting a house inspection can save you thousands of dollars. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Houston Halloween Special For Kids

How do you grab opportunities to meet your neighbors during halloween? They say, that October is one of the best month where where everybody has the chance to meet their neighbors, play as family and maybe teach their kids to learn something new.  In Houston, trick-or-treating is an option because there are plenty of ways to celebrate the Halloween season. Here are some of the best Halloween events in Houston which you and your kids will enjoy most!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Living With Pets in an Apartment

Keeping Pet At Home
image credit: weruletheinternet (dot) com
Ninety percent of Americans wants pet in their homes and the other ten percent are still unsure if they can own a pet. Those who are unsure have reasons and some of it are their hectic schedules and the apartment policies dilemmas. Most landlords does not allow pet in their apartments for the welfare of other tenants. However, you can always convince the owner to allow you  providing that you have documents along with the application to rent an apartment.