Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cheap Ways to Decorate Your Apartment

Living in a Houston apartment definitely has a lot of perks, especially if you make the most out of it. However, even if you managed to foster healthy relationships with everyone, finances will always be a problem, which will never, ever be solved unless you managed to get a lottery jackpot. Anyway, attempting to liven up your living space shouldn't always involve money-burning measures, because after all, decorations are just there for aesthetics and nothing more. However, there are a few ways you can save up. Just bear the following tips in mind the next time you're off to purchase an expensive painting and chandelier!

Make it functional

Functional Designs
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Instead of investing in decorations that cannot be used in any other way, try purchasing FUNCTIONAL decorations in order to be cost-effective. Here are some really good examples:
  • Try purchasing a brightly colored or polished wood furniture so as to brighten the place up. Make it the focal point of your kitchen/dining room. 
  • Look for sofas or couches that have decorations on them. Choose ones that have drawings or designs in them. A shiny black leather couch can definitely grab anyone's attention, while a brightly colored one will definitely brighten the whole place up. 
  • Invest in decorative lamps, cupboards and cabinets. Aside from using them respectively for lighting and storage purposes, they can be awesome decorative pieces as well. 
By purchasing functional and decorative furniture, you have saved yourself a few hundred dollars in the long run as this eliminates the need for other pieces solely dedicated to decorating. 

Invest in indoor plants

Indoor plants
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There are a lot of plants growing in Texas, so getting one for your Houston apartment is definitely a great idea. Indoor plants are not only low-maintenance, but they also provide aesthetics. They don't need constant attention, making them a low-cost and high reward decorative option. Your best choices are:
  • Cacti – you can simply place these plants on the windowsill during the day so they can get enough sunlight if you're going away. Plus, you don't need to water them that often, given that they are one of the hardiest plants out there. Just don't touch the spines!
  • African violets – possibly one of the cheapest and most beautiful options ever, this flowering plant produces pretty flowers. Like the cactus, they don't need constant watering and small amounts of sunlight are enough to keep them alive. 
  • Lucky bamboo – thriving in the harshest, low water and no sunlight conditions, the lucky bamboo's name should be changed to the “indestructible bamboo”. Like its larger cousin, it is hardy and tough, but small, which makes it a great indoor plant. 

A little improvisation

A little improvisation
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In decorating your Houston apartment, you don't need to possess McGyver's ability to improvise just to make your unit look appealing. Aside from paintings, there are other pieces that can liven up your unit, like tablecloths, curtains and even the carpets. Try choosing cheap, low-maintenance yet highly decorative curtains, in order to give the impression that you seemingly have a painting latched on your window. Remember to pick bright ones, so as to effectively reflect sunlight. 

Aside from tablecloths and curtains, try looking at your clothes. For example, let's say that you're a sports fan. Hanging a scarf with your favorite team's name and emblem, as well as your team's jersey on your living room will definitely create a good atmosphere. 


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