Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Living With Pets in an Apartment

Keeping Pet At Home
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Ninety percent of Americans wants pet in their homes and the other ten percent are still unsure if they can own a pet. Those who are unsure have reasons and some of it are their hectic schedules and the apartment policies dilemmas. Most landlords does not allow pet in their apartments for the welfare of other tenants. However, you can always convince the owner to allow you  providing that you have documents along with the application to rent an apartment.

In some parts of the America, pet owners are required to submit the following to their landlords. They are required to have references from veterinarians, neighbors, former landlords that the pet is well kept and the owner is responsible.  Second, a document that contains information about the pet such as the vaccination records, proof of sterilization and licensing, and certificate of completion of obedience class. The owner must shows a sense of responsibility about pet care  and as much as possible a member  local animal welfare society. And agrees to the following terms like cleaning up the pet,  pay the pet deposit and repair any damage the pet may cause, sign a pet policy agreement and always keep the pet under control at all times.

Life would be easier in an apartment if you are following these terms. Pet owners will be allowed to own a  pet in their apartments without violating any policies set by the landlords. 


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