Monday, June 16, 2014

Getting the Most Out of Your Life in an Apartment

Life in a Houston apartment is always enjoyable, especially if you make the most out of it. We all go through this stage in our lives, especially during or right after graduating college. Basically, apartments are there so you can save up to purchase a house that you can own. Regardless of what the perks are, there are a number of drawbacks to living in one. So, in order for you to not make mistakes and be able to enjoy life in your rental, here are some tips that will certainly help you out:

Life in an Apartment
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First off, get the one that is right for you

Remember, the best Houston apartment may not be the best FOR YOU. Bear in mind that instead of the  most luxurious apartments, you should pick the one that is able to meet your needs and demands. Here are some factors that MAY affect your decision:
  • Is it just a stone's throw away from my office or university? Do I have to drive for an hour or two just to get to my destination everyday?
  • Who are your possible neighbors? Is the apartment mostly housing college students, families, senior citizens or young professionals?
  • Is the apartment near any malls, shopping areas, grocery stores? Can the police and fire department get here in less than five minutes?
  • Lastly, is the apartment in good condition? Is the landlord a good guy and is the maintenance staff always there to help you out?
Once a certain apartment gives desirable answers, you've definitely found your new home. 

Second, foster good relationships

Foster good relationships
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As they say, no man is an island – your need for socialization may not be sated by your friends at the university or your co-workers in office. In this case, your neighbors may be able to fill the void, albeit not totally. You don't need to be the best of buddies with the single mother next door, nor to the retired Vietnam War  veteran living temporarily with his grandchild upstairs. Thing is, a simple hi and hello, as well as a good morning will pay dividends in the long run. Try to help them when they're moving heavy furniture, or invite them over for beer and popcorn when the Rockets or Texans are playing.

Aside from the neighbors, you also need to have a prosperous relationship with your landlord and the apartment staff as well. Remember, even the smallest of conflicts can create huge animosities!

Make the most out of your unit

Living in a Houston apartment calls for frugality, something that you may not have learned back then. There's no room for extravagance, which is why you need to limit decorations and the decorative furniture. Why get that hand stitched Italian leather sofa costing a thousand dollars when you can just get one in good condition from a tenant who's moving out? Thing is, to make the most out of your unit, you need to save up and only put what you need. Doing so will guarantee huge savings and enough space. Ensure that there is a use for every piece of furniture and that every space and piece is functional!


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