Monday, May 19, 2014

Cheap Apartment Living: Tips and Guides

With rising commodity costs, saving up is a priority and looking for the best and cheapest Houston apartments for rent is definitely a priority. Having said that, living in Houston has a lot of benefits to it: compared to other states, you'll get more from your salary. Even so, you need to find ways to save extra because with the economy today, it's a must to prepare for tough times. So, here are a few tips and guides that will help you save extra if you're living in an apartment:

Improvise with decorations

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Although there are some Houston apartments for rent that come with decorations, there are some that don't. Let's face it, decorations should be the least of our worries – we should be spending on food and other pieces of furniture right? Well, if you can't really help it, you could either improvise or just simply purchase cheap decorations. Here's a guide:
  • Instead of purchasing a large portrait or a huge vase, why not get a potted plant? Sure, taking care of it is extra work, but the flowers will certainly liven the place up! 
  • Tablecloths and curtains can be decorations you know. If you like superheroes, there's a huge market for superhero curtains! 
  • Sometimes, a place may not look lively enough if it's too dark. All it may take is an open window or an extra light bulb!

Energy and lighting costs

Electricity is an inherent need – without it, the whole world will pretty much be in chaos. It doesn't mean that if you have enough money for it doesn't mean that you should use it excessively. Bills can skyrocket if you're not careful enough! Here are some tips to help you out:
  • Summers in Houston can get pretty hot and humid. If you have free time, don't stay at home: go around the city, go to an air conditioned coffee shop and prop up your laptop. The money you spent on a cup of coffee is lesser than a few hours of air conditioning. 
  • Sometimes, opening up the window is one of the most effective solutions, especially if you're living in one of the higher floors. 
  • If you're installing lighting or air conditioning units, always go for power saver ones. Look for the energy saver star on them when you're shopping. Remember though, ask permission from you landlord before tearing things off the wall!
  • Lastly, do what your parents always tell you: turn appliances off when not used. 

Purchase multipurpose furniture

Let's say that you're just moving in and about to purchase furniture. Buying can certainly cost a lot of money, so your best option is not to purchase cheap ones, but to purchase multipurpose ones. You'd eliminate the need for specific furniture, thus dramatically cutting costs. Here are some suggestions:
  • Try getting a bed that comes with drawers and storage spaces. This eliminates the need for cabinets, which can take up a lot of space and cost a lot. 
  • Sofas? Don't get a plain one – try getting one that can be turned into a bed. It can be a perfect bed for visitors! 
  • There's no need for a dining table, you're living alone (unless if you have a roommate). Try getting a small, foldable one that can double as a dining area and a workplace. 
Though getting a roommate is also a way to cut costs, it could be a nightmarish situation if he isn't willing to share expenses. 

Overall, follow the above mentioned tips and guides and you'll definitely have a lively apartment, lower electricity bills and more money saved up! 


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