Monday, December 8, 2014

Dealing With Bad Neighbors

Have you ever experienced dealing with bad neighbors near your lot? If not, then let me describe you the scenario. The first scene will be - you lived happily and peacefully into your home and things are almost  perfect when somebody moved next to your house and everything suddenly becomes a nightmare! It's like the scenes in the movie entitled "BAD NEIGHBORS" which I hope you've watched because some of us could really relate to the present situation that we have right now. 

Bad neighbors
[Photo Credit: springfieldfiles (dot) com ]

Having a bad neighbor is really a disaster.  Some disputes end up in court and sometimes, cops are just the obvious answer to prevent them from doing irritating things outside.  So how do you deal with them peacefully? Sometimes, communication is the cheapest way to resolve the problem. Get to know your neighbor. Building a good relationship with them saves time, effort and money. 

If you are planning to have a party at your place or vice versa,  kindly inform them all who and offer an invitation to the party. Or you can tell them to call you first before calling the police. Don't be like a character in the movie I mentioned who immediately called the cops without contacting their neighbor first. That would eventually create a conflict. 

When serious issues comes up, start keeping notes and photos. Check with other neighbors and see if anyone else will side with you. 


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